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Сексуальные предпочтенияБисексуал
Рост5'4" - 5'6" [160см - 170см]
Вес140 - 160 фунтов [60 - 70 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
ЯзыкиФранцузский, Английский
Интимная стрижкаПодстриженная
Размер грудиОгромные
Меня возбуждает
when you look at me i feel so good and horny inside me i love to tease you and make you cum .... I love ❤️ to no you watch me and I have you to exciting myself and I love talk to you I feel magic energie with you and don't forget is the token who excited me Because is the sound who tell you want to be with me ..... AND women you can watch me I love that !!!!!dont change channel candy his there for you and never you feel alone anymore with me .......
Обо мне
ELLE love to be with you... come to see me and give me your love...candy
Меня отталкивает
cheap cheap person.........,if you want to see I need to hear the sound of the token to excited me and I no you want me ...turn me on guys or girl but don't be cheap !!!! Never and don't forget i don't like rude people or impolite just go see somebody else ...

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Понедельник 0:00 – 23:00
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Среда 0:00 – 23:00
Четверг 0:00 – 23:00
Пятница 0:00 – 23:00
Суббота 0:00 – 23:00
Воскресенье 0:00 – 23:00
Dreaming about romantic weekend in Venice

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HAS SEND YOU $100.00!
Amazing body and appearance. Great show too. coming back soon!
best woman on bonga she is wonderful woman. i love you my sweet candy!
She is amazing and her voice is the sexiest one I've heard.
she is amazing
When I'm in trouble or in sorrow,
You will set my mind at rest.
I can't wait until the morrow
To show you my flame in chest.

I miss you every single minute.
About you I dream at nights.
I give my heart to you, don't break it.
And answer, please, will you be mine? )
I eh.. got about 460 characters left ;-)
The best girl in the world...)
WoW i dont need a other model just you candy wow a princess and you are so wow this is the best show I saw